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Volunteers of the month

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Meet Drs Anshu and Mahesh Mule. They are experts in the field of gynaecology and Ayurveda and also act as social workers guiding our Balbhavan project as honorary directors.

Their goal is to improve the health of the people by providing health services through Ayurvedic treatment. Dr Mahesh and Dr Anshu fuel their passion for social work by regularly taking time out of their busy schedules to join activities at Snehalaya and insist that every child in the slums should learn.

They have been serving Snehalaya and our Balbhavan project for the last ten years and are always ready to respond to our calls when we need their support. As a result, they have been honored with many awards for their social work which is also a matter of pride for us. They have also donated much-needed resources such as TVs, mats, staff uniforms, meals and medicines during the pandemic and have helped with toilet construction. They are always ready to join us for awareness programs and health camps and have connected us with many volunteers & donors.

They are firm favorites with all of school and Balbhavan children and their dedication in keeping everyone healthy and their genuine affection for Snehalaya's work is truly admirable.

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