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Uday Gujar Scholarship

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Our annual Udayji Gujar prize distribution in Snehalaya English Medium School took place on 7 March. The event is organized to increase knowledge through creating playful attitudes in our students, encouraging their artistic talents and appreciating the students' efforts. This year's chief guests were the esteemed Ajit Thadani and Director of the school, Rajendra Shukre. Ajit sir encouraged the students to participate in table tennis and other sports activities, sharing the importance of sports and how it is helpful to our health.

Congratulations to all our hard-working students and those who received prizes.

Professor Emeritus, Uday Gujar, was a humanist at heart, committed to the upliftment and education of the underprivileged in India.

Professor Gujar was born and brought up in Satara and in 1965, after receiving his M.Tech from IIT Powai, he married Mrs Sarita Uday Gujar leaving right away for further study in Fredericton, Canada. He taught himself computing skills and was offered a position as Professor of Computer Science in the Faculty of Computer Science at University of New Brunswick where he also developed a PhD program. He had over 100 research papers published and when he passed away in 2001, his university named the Professor Emeritus Uday Gujar classroom after him. Although he spent most of his life in Canada, his heart remained in India and his wife continued to support his work by giving scholarships to our Snehalaya children through this annual event.

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