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Voice of Snehalaya

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Meet RJ Anuja Mulay a 25-year-old postgraduate in commerce who completed her LLB with a specialization in Taxation Law (DTL). She has been working in Snehalaya’s Community Radio Nagar 90.4FM for the last three years as Radio Jockey.

She is an avid reader and also works as a freelance writer for Sakal, Lokmat, Saptarang-edition, Nyay Times Beed, and much more print media. She has also been writing a column for Aman K Saathi Magazine, Mumbai, and the quarterly magazine, ‘Aisa Bharat Banaenge’ of Mumbai's Center for Democracy.

She hhosts shows such as Snehavarta, depicting the work of various projects in Snehalaya, and a music show, ‘Thodasa Rumani Ho Jaye’ which focuses on Indian classical music and folk songs. She recently became our star RJ for the flagship show, ‘Nagari Misal’ which highlights the local issues of the city and invites local listeners to share their views. Anuja is an excellent interviewer making people open up on various subjects. With so much in her kitty, Anuja is a multitasker in a true sense.

In rural India, radio remains the most popular media, directly reaching out to our target communities. Radio is the king of entertainment with listeners ranging from street vendors and shop owners to schools and families, businesses, and other communities; so it is the perfect way to get critical issues across.

​​​Radio Nagar is the first community radio station in Ahmednagar, broadcasting in our local Marathi dialect for 15 hours a day. Through entertaining features on local and topical issues and issues on which Snehalaya works and spicing it up with Marathi and Hindi local and folk music, we reach and serve the people of Ahmednagar, giving them a community-focused forum.

Anuja and her team are the voices of Snehalaya - giving out knowledge, advice, and tackling taboos.

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