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Success in 12th

Congratulations to all who passed their 12th standard exams this year. We celebrated 100% pass rate for our Rehab Center children while 88% of our Balbhavan students also passed.

With the long-term effects of COVID still having an impact on all children, we are undeniably proud of our students who have additional issues to deal with which can affect their studies. In some cases, even being able to sit for their exams is a huge accomplishment that deserves recognition.

Our toppers include Geeta from our Rehab Center who achieved 79% and four girls in our Balbhavan who all received 70%. Unfortunately, the final marks do not take into account the hurdles our children have to overcome to make it to 12th Standard and their final exams.

A total of ten girls from our Rehab Center appeared for the exams, some of whom were placed under our care and protection while studying. Moving in to care and changing schools can be a major upheaval that disrupts studying and in some cases they were unable to take enrollment so were required to study from home. We did all we could to support them with tutoring, online classes and psychological support. Their ability to stay focused and pass their exams is testament to their courage and dedication to education.

There were also three Rehab Center boys who worked hard day and night in preparation for their exams with support from our team. One student in particular needed extra support having undergone major hip surgery just 20 days before the exam. He was in two minds whether he should take the exam or not, we counselled him through the pros and cons and promising our full support he went for it, passing easily!

When you consider the conditions of the children living in our city’s slums, an 88% pass rate is phenomenal. For many, their families are uneducated working for daily wages and their homes are small with no space to study. The space and support our after school classes provide them ensures they have a place to do extra study and the motivation from our staff encourages them to want to do their best. We are thrilled that they not only passed but achieved high marks in the process.

We also want to applaud our sister project Anamprem. Eight students from their hostel for deaf, blind and disabled students appeared for the 12th Standard exams again with a 100% pass rate. Topping the board with 78% was Aarti who is myopic blind. Following closely behind was Amin who is totally blind. The other six students are also blind and scored between 54 and 69%.

We are so proud of all of these students who have achieved so much despite a range of hurdles to be crossed. Congratulations to all.

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Mandar Ghatpande
Mandar Ghatpande
12 juin 2023

Amazing achievements .. congratulations to all students and Snehalaya team for their efforts.

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