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Science Lab

Thanks to Rambha Charitable Trust, our Snehalaya English Medium School is fully equipped to put our students’ scientific methods to the test in our brand new state-of-the-art science labs.

When our school first opened in 2010, our children studied in very small rooms with limited facilities. Today’s students are able to discover much more through hands-on experiences across or campus, including our new labs, geography garden, library, music room, computer lab, sports room and art studio. We encourage our children and visiting schools to explore and experiment with all of our resources to help them discover the wonders of education and the world. It’s been proved that activity-based learning improves students understanding. Being able to mix their own formulas and take part in practical work with their own hands will help our children to understand more about science and nature.

Opening the labs was Ashok Kadus, Education Officer, Secondary Division, Zilla Parishad, Ahmednagar who advised our students to study the science and technology that plays a part in all of our daily life. To help them enjoy and appreciate the wonders of science, Ghee Vihere conducted some magical experiments demonstrating that science is fun and can lead to many new discoveries.

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