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Science Day

This National Science Day, Dr Kalpana Chawla Science Center helped our Snehalaya English Medium School teachers and students explore beyond our planet. The team from Karad in southern Maharashtra presented 'Dhamal Vigyanachi', a mixed program to bring science to life for our students and those of Zilla Parishad primary schools from our local villages of Nimblak and Nagapur.

It is said that concepts that cannot be understood sitting within four walls are best understood through experimentation. National Awardee from the science center, Dr Sanjay Pujari used magic and demonstrations to show how science is behind everything around us. Children were able to make their own rockets to help understand gravity, center of gravity, force, work, energy force, reasons behind how an airplane flies and more about how rockets work. He also explained more about planets and space and later that day helped our children to discover the night skies for themselves through two telescopes he had brought from the center.

Dr Pujari won over the whole crowd of nearly 600 with his entertaining approach to science and our school promised to organise a trip to his science center to learn more and we can’t wait.

Our English medium and slum schools also celebrated the day with science fairs with experiments and displays of science in action prepared by our children. You can view all the action from our Balbhavan in the video below.

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