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Republic Day

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

India's 73rd Republic Day was celebrated in a great atmosphere at our Snehalaya's English Medium School, Balbhavan, and Rehab Center. Hoisting the flag in our Rehab Center, Captain Shaikh Bashir was joined by the chief guest, Dr. Gaurav Machhale. Everyone saluted the flag as it was raised while the national anthem played.

Following speeches from guests and children, the program moved to our school where the students had created replicas of all of Snehalaya's projects. Small groups of children spoke about each of the projects explaining our work to guests.

Our annual Republic Day program teaches patriotism, recognises the Constitution of India and raises awareness among the our community of citizens. In our Balbhavan, our students also took the lead, preparing all the activities and helping staff. Parents and children from all of our slum areas were present for the flag salute and national anthem.

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