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Quiz time

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Care For You Foundation recently organised the Hunt for the Secret Superstar- General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Series at D Y Patil Auditorium, Pune. A total of 45 children, five children each from nine different childcare institution, participated.

Different levels of questions related to a variety of subjects were put forth to the children by the quizmaster. Five children from our Snehalaya English Medium School took part with finalist, Pari winning a prize for the maximum number of correct answers. There was a huge audience helping to boost the children’s confidence and morale, creating a competitive spirit. The competition helped them to understand the need for focused efforts.

A total of four rounds of questions, with increasing levels of difficulty, were designed by volunteers. First was a written test, second and third were team-wise oral questions and the fourth was a rapid-fire round where the teams exceeded everyone's expectations and left the audience stunned.

Our Snehalaya English Medium School students took home prizes including a laptop, books, Care for You coffee mugs and certificates. Their teachers were so proud of their students’ success. Children also got to meet icons like IPS Krishna Prakash, IAS Dr Prashant Narwade, Care-For-You founder, Payal Rathi and Neha Uttarankar in a great opportunity for exposure and learning.

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