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Pooja chooses to be a nurse.

Puja is a student who has been studying in our Balbhavan since her childhood. At a young age, she was admitted. Ushatai, her mother, had to struggle a lot to make both ends meet.

As she has three daughters, she always worries about them. If there is any major crisis at home, men have to work hard to deal with that crisis. But it was the opposite in Ushatai's house. Ushatai was the sole breadwinner of the house and washed utensils in a hotel for a living. Pooja's father is an alcoholic and regularly abuses the girls and their mother.

But Usha wanted all her daughters to study and be independent. So she always consulted with Veena Madam of Balabhavan and other teachers about their education.

Pooja studied in Balbhavan since childhood. At a very young age, she was always a loner and was not keen to talk, chat, laugh or play with others. Bringing her into the company of other children became an important task. The Balbhavan teachers kept on visiting her house and conversing with her. Their hard work paid and Pooja started mixing with other children.

Soon her participation in every activity of Balbhavan increased. She was also brilliant in school. She Always participated in our Teenager Program.

She used to volunteer to bring all the adolescent groups to the program. She was convinced that education was essential to improve her financial situation and reduce her mother's suffering. Gradually, she took her schooling and studies seriously. During monsoons, their house would often get flooded. So she would sit in Balbhavan to study.

Puja secured 72% when she was in class 10th. Balbhavan's teachers seriously took responsibility for her admission. They ensured that Pooja's fee for the standard 11th commerce stream at Residential High School was waived. She completed her 11th and 12th with good marks. She was confused about further education again. There were various courses, so she again came to Balbhavan to inquire. She was informed about various courses for the commerce stream and professional courses in Nursing. She opted for nursing but felt that she could not afford it. But Snehalaya helped her secure a scholarship and start her studies again. Pooja will soon be a nurse and help her mother to be independent.

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