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National Science Day

"Students should constantly search... then they will find their own"

On 28 February, our Snehalaya English Medium School and Balbhavan projects organised science exhibition programs to celebrate National Science Day.

The exhibition was open to all students from our school, Rehab Center and Balbhavan and more than 800 children, representing every class, participated. They presented excellent experiments in biology, chemistry, mathematics, geography and the environment. The theme was protecting nature and experiments included those to protect the environment through sustainable waste.

They also presented models which related to other branches of science involving plants, seasons, clothes, the life cycle of butterflies, major fruits of Maharashtra state, the Solar System, magnetic needles, sound and vibration, electric circuits, volcanoes, acid rain, working models of kidneys and a mini-hand sanitiser machine. Our chief guest surveyed the entire exhibition and questioned the respective students about each model before delivering a motivational speech on how technology makes things more efficient and informed about the unlimited opportunities in science.

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