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Musical Magic

"Make music a part of life that elevates human life"
Girija Ram.

Our Snehalaya English Medium School was alive with the sound of music at the inauguration of 'Sw. Sudhakar Ram Sangeet Kendra'. Special guest and founder of Bhavitha Foundation, Mumbai, Mrs Girija Ram, said: "We ​​love to sing and dance on every happy occasion, but music is also valuable for peace of mind."

Her husband, the Late Sudhakar Ram, founder of Mastek, a computer company, was associated with Snehalaya for many years. He was especially fond of music, playing guitar and keyboards very well. To mark the occasion, Mr. Girija gifted some of his musical instruments to our music room.

Pawan Naik, the famous singer was another special guest, reciting the beautiful Doha of Saint Kabir in his melodious voice. He stressed the importance of art, adding that it tells the meaning of life teaching man how to live and a great tool to express all the feelings in our minds. Also performing were our students, music teacher and the Anamprem orchestra.

Our new 800 square feet music room means our students can practice all Indian and foreign musical instruments and conduct other musical activities. An exhibition of indigenous and foreign musical instruments and competitions are also planned.

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