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Mission Super 40

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Education has become essential for cultivating human values ​​and living proudly in society. Education is a basic need, giving valuable direction to create meaningful lives.

The recently announced National Education Policy expressed concern over school dropout rates and the desire to reduce them. Much research has been carried out to establish how to make schools attractive and learning enjoyable. However, it has not had the desired effect. While our country is stepping towards a high peak of progress, the burning problem of education and employment of the deprived, neglected, victimised, exploited and weak within our society is enormous. For a decade, Snehalaya workers have been working tirelessly to uplift all these elements in seven slums in Ahmednagar city.

To encourage our 10th and 12th students, we have launched Mission Super 40, a three-year career guidance and personality development program for the youth. It is designed to help our youths become rounded human beings and well-educated citizens with a good education to secure employment and live a prosperous life.

Mission Super 40 aims to teach the youth life skills, including high-thinking, humanity, social commitment, duties, and responsibilities and provide them with the resources they need through:

1) How to choose a career

2) How to identify your abilities and aptitude

3) How to shape a career.

Thus, under this initiative, we can try to achieve the goal in the next three years according to the educational and professional opportunities available according to the situation.

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