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Maherchi Sadi

"The Maher sari is not just a garment, it is a symbol of a new hope for life"

Diwali is a time for family and the tradition is to meet and exchange gifts, faralas and sweets with your relatives. In particular, Bhaubija's day is special for mothers and sisters with clothing and sweets symbolizing love traditionally given to them by their brothers.

However, for those who have no brothers or relatives, including the majority of our female sex workers, Dipotsav is a time of sorrow and grief. Thanks to the inspiration and efforts of social activist Dharmaraj Shankar Auti Guruji, some of these deprived mothers and sisters have been receiving Maher saris for the past 16 years. This year, hundreds of mothers and sisters came to our Rehab Center from all corners of the city and district and were overwhelmed to receive saris from their 'siblings', brothers with whom they have no blood relationship who have come forward to forge new relationships.

These 'Brothers' included District Information Officer, Gajanan Nakaskar, Deputy Tehsildar, Madhav Gaikwad, Chair of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Hanif Shaikh, CWC Member Pravin Mutyal, Dapku Division District Program Officer, Shivaji Jadhav, Bhushan Sarees Director, Radheshyam Boob, Snehalaya Medical Officer, Dr Suresh Gholap, Snehalaya President Sanjay Gugle and Snehalaya Secretary Rajiv Gujar. We are grateful to Abhang Pratishthan, Dehu, Kiriti More, Dr Prakash Sheth, Vikas Kanda, Sachin Salunkhe, Suresh Gade, Ajinkya Sacore, Vikram Bhoite, Hon. Nirmala Jagdish Balsekar, Hon. Sandesh Zodge, Hon. Nilesh Gunjal, Hon. Pravin Bora, Hon. Raju Kapate Maharaj, Hon. Somesh Bhalsing and Bhushan Sarees for supporting our sari drive..

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