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Updated: May 11

Sunil's (name changed) mother had four sisters and was married off at an early age by her parents who were working as laborers. Her husband was disabled and addicted, so Sunil's mother worked as a laborer to support the family as best she could, but their financial situation was highly challenging. If she did not pay for his alcohol, her husband would abuse her physically and psychologically.

She became pregnant, but her first child, a girl, was severely underweight and died due to lack of medical treatment. She fell pregnant for a second time, giving birth to a son. She took care of her child very well, but a crisis was looming as the boy's eyesight began to wane. Again with no money for medical treatment, the boy became mentally disabled.

The husband’s behavior worsened, and one day he threw the mother and disabled son out of the house. She went to the train station where she contacted her parents and, after waiting at the train station for four to five days, she returned to her father, a porter, and started working as a laborer.

After some time, her husband turned up and brought her back home. However, his behavior had not changed. When she became pregnant again, he was not ready to support her or his son who needed medical treatment. The mother gave birth to her second son, Sunil, at a government hospital in Ahmednagar.

Unfortunately, her second son was also born with a mental disability and she shared her concerns about how she was going to be able to also take care of this baby with hospital staff and doctors. They contacted Snehankur who counselled her before completing all the legal procedures to admit Sunil and start the medical treatments he needed. We also gave Sunil's elder brother medical treatment and supported his mother to live independently.

Sunil began to grow slowly but needed multiple interventions by Dr Sunil Sable (ophthalmologist) and Dr Suchit Tamboli (pediatrician specialising in special needs children). He was registered in the CARA adoption system but no Indian parents were willing to take on Sunil’s multiple health issues. Having exhausted the Indian options, Sunil was freed for international adoption.

Sunil’s profile was seen by parents looking to adopt in the USA and happily started the adoption process. After two years living in Snehankur’s care, Sunil was fondly loved by our staff, but they were also very happy to hand over a very handsome and smiling Sunil to his new parents and his new life in the USA.