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Harmonious India 2030

Fearlessness, loyalty & moral development

The birth centenary celebrations of Professor Madhu Dandavate, a renowned statesman and freedom fighter, brought together progressive thinkers and social workers to discuss the vision of building a harmonious India and a strong democracy by 2030. The event in Ahmednagar, the birthplace of Professor Dandavate, aimed to honour his revolutionary work and inspire the youth to continue his legacy.

During the discussions, several key issues were highlighted, including the need for fearlessness, constitutional loyalty and moral development among Indians. It was emphasised that these qualities are essential for the healthy growth of democracy and to achieve the desired vision for India by 2030.

Speakers addressing different aspects of the current challenges faced by the country included key Snehalaya members and supportes:

Vinod Shirasath, Editor of Sadhana Weekly, emphasised the importance of preserving the transfer of power in a democracy. He stressed that ultimate control should always remain with the people, and the youth should embrace the principles of Satyagraha to safeguard democracy.

Padma Shri Popat Pawar, shed light on the challenges faced by the environment, agriculture and farmers due to rampant urbanisation and chauvinism. He urged both the ruling party and the opposition to objectively address these issues, putting aside political considerations.

Dr Bharat Vatwani, a renowned psychiatrist and Raman Magsaysay Honoree, highlighted the alarming rise in mental illnesses in India. He urged the government and society to address this issue as a national health disaster, akin to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure a mentally healthy India by 2030.

Shyam Asawa, a lawyer and public activist, raised concerns about the increasing interference of the executive in the judiciary. He criticised the flawed appointment process of judges, the appointment of mediocre Vice-Chancellors in universities and the pardoning of criminals based on caste and religion. He emphasised the importance of addressing these issues to uphold the effectiveness of democracy.

Jaya Jogdand, President of Snehalaya, drew attention to the pressing issue of human trafficking in India. She highlighted the alarming numbers of women and children involved in prostitution, urging Indians to fulfill their civic duty in combating this problem. She warned of the potential for India to become the world's leading supplier of the flesh trade by 2030 if the issue remains unaddressed.

Dandavate Adarsh People's Representative Award

In addition to the discussions, the event also included the announcement of the Professor Madhu Dandavate Adarsh People's Representative Award. MLA. Nilesh Lanke was honoured for his significant contributions, including addressing drought and basic issues in Parner and Ahmednagar talukas, providing free treatment for COVID-19, creating employment opportunities and actively participating in mass agitations.

Overall, the event highlighted the importance of preserving democracy, addressing key challenges and fulfilling civic responsibilities to achieve the desired vision for the country.

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