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Creative Hands

Every individual is creative in a unique way, but many of us do not have the opportunity to explore it. Therefore, we are grateful to our long-time well-wishers who came up with a unique idea for our Snehalaya children and staff just before the Ganesh Festival. Mr. Ashok Dolse, a well-known commercial artist and teacher of fine arts in Ahmednagar, volunteered to teach children and staff from our Balbhavan and Rehab Center how to make Ganpati idols for the popular festival.

Our Radio Nagar team managed a workshop where almost 60 children and 25 staff watched a live demonstration of a simple way to make the elephant god Idol before putting their own creative skills to work. It was two hours of great fun and happiness not only for the children but for the staff resulting in beautiful idols which were placed in their respective homes for 10 days and worshipped by all the budding artists.

A second creative festival activity, also organized by our radio team, was a painting and drawing competition for different age groups. The competition received an overwhelming response with amazing works of art submitted by amateur as well student artists. The best ones were awarded prizes in a small informal program held at Snehalaya.

We feel that both these activities were a fitting way to offer our tributes to Lord Ganesha, the God of arts and creativity, and also helped us connect with the dedicated listeners of Radio Nagar who appreciated an opportunity to express themselves through this strong audio medium.

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