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Childline se Dosti

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Our Childline was the first toll-free telephone line and listening service for children to call in India and we are still recognized as the number 1 best-managed service in the country's national network of over 1,000 Childline partners. ​​Over 300 calls are received from our district every day, from children themselves or concerned adults who consider a child at risk. ​

Our team responds swiftly to investigate every call, working with local emergency services to rescue any child in danger. We are unique in conducting day and night patrols of transport hubs, buses, and trains passing through our district, temples, and other areas where runaways or abducted children and abandoned babies end up. Our extensive network of volunteers also plays an essential role in reporting those in vulnerable situations and helping provide vital outreach work auditing health and education facilities in slum areas and raising awareness of the 1098 number.

Every year our Childline team organises "Childline Se Dosti Week" (CHildren's Friend) starting on Children's Day, 14 November. This year our activities included:

* Children's Day - This annual celebration of children and their rights takes place at a Nehru statue in the Laltaki area of Ahmednagar. The day is also Nehru's birthday as he was a great advocate for children's rights. Children from our slum schools joined the event to hear from local dignitaries and special guests.

* Deepostav - A Diwali celebration, held for the first time in two years due to COVID restrictions. This included a fort-building competition sponsored by "Lions Club of Ahmednagar."

* Band Tying Activity - This activity sees our Childline team reach out to build deeper connections with the allied systems for the protection of children. The team visits different offices tying a Childline see Dosti friendship band and renew their commitment to working to support children.

* Child Marriage Campaign - Our Childline and Child Welfare Committee Ahmednagar joined together to organise a one-day workshop at Panchayat Samiti Pathardi to prevent child marriage under the "Udaan" project.

* Children's Competitions - On 18 November Childline team conducted a range of competitions, including essay and poetry writing, games and more, enjoyed by children living in our slum communities. Supported by volunteers, the competitions help strengthen relations with our Balmitra group (peer mentors from our slum schools) and motivates and helps other children make new Childline friends, all of which helps with our work.

* Signature Campaign - To complement our band-tying event, our team also conducts a signature campaign. The team tours public spaces in Ahmednagar city with large banners where people can pledge to support children and learn more about Childline and its toll-free helpline 1098.

* SABHYA SOCH SABHYA BHARAT - On 20 November we introduced children to sabhya soch, a program to guide them on life skills, including how to communicate effectively with adults, and the thoughts of Mahatama Gandhi's Sabhya Samaj, Soch.

Childline se Dosti successfully reached many people to raise awareness of our services and the rights of children. More importantly, it provided great fun for Balmitra and children in Ahmednagar District.

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