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Malala goes to school

As part of our Educate. Empower. Lead. campaign with Malala Fund we conducted a roadshow at our Snehalaya English Medium School. This article was written by our Rehab Center beneficiary, 17-year old Ajita who wants to be a journalist.

Under Malala's guidance, we organized a workshop for the purpose of raising the importance of the equal treatment of girls in Indian society. Our peer mentors explained how they experience life as a girl through short films and a ppt presentation. Malala received the Nobel Prize in 2014 when she was still a young girl. At that time, she was given Rs 6.4 crore which she has used to spend on raising awareness of the importance of education for girls across the world. Keeping her ideal, we are also continuing the same work.

Speaking to every class from 4th to 8th standard in the school, we guided all the students, sharing the importance of education and promised to fulfil the demands of the students in getting the most out of their education. The event was organised by our Malala team, including our Childline and Balbhavan teams alongside our international volunteers from Leeds, one of whom went to school with Malala in Birmingham, and Snehalaya English Medium School.

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