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March 8 is always a big event in our calendar as we celebrate all of the women connected to our organisation. This year we held two separate events.

The first saw staff and beneficiaries from our women's shelter, farm, sex worker projects, rehabilitation center, slum projects, hospital and adoption center join the wives of our senior staff for a day of fun-filled and team-building activities. Watch the kho-kho, musical chairs, dancing, ping-pong, prizes and smiles and laughter above.

At the same time we opened our new Nirmay Center in the red lights area of Shevgaon, providing an accommodation and vocational training space for the community living there.

As part of the day we also distributed #Lettersforher, an initiative of Antaraa Anandan, a high school student from the US. Letters of support were shared with our beneficiaries to let them know that others were thinking of them. You can read more here.

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