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India is the world's ninth-largest consumer of all alcohol and consumes more whiskey than any other country in the world - about three times more than the US, which is the next biggest consumer. A third of Indian men drink alcohol and more than 14% of all Indians aged between 10 and 75 drink.


It’s reported that 19% of alcohol users are dependent on it, and around 30 million people are consuming alcohol in a "harmful manner". Despite a 38% increase in alcohol consumption, treatment remains inadequate with just 2.6% of addicts receiving treatment.


It is also estimated that there are about 850,000 People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) with only one in every 20 drug dependent people receiving in-patient treatment.

India is also the second-largest consumer of tobacco, With an Indian government survey revealing one in every ten adult smokes and over 300 million people are either smoking cigarettes, beedies or chewing it raw in the form of khaini or gutka.

In general, access to treatment for substance abusers is grossly inadequate. Only one in 38 people who report alcohol dependence receive treatment and only one in 180 alcoholics are hospitalised to treat their addiction.

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How we help

Manobal is a joint venture between Snehalaya and Karandikar Hospital and is the first well-equipped residential de-addiction center in Ahmednagar district.


Institutional residential treatment and counselling is essential in beating addictions and helping those affected to build new lives. Providing patients with a new sense of mental and physical wellbeing and worth through constant guidance helps prevent them from becoming addicted again.


The center also creates public awareness about all types of addictions.

Who we help


Manobal provides shelter and treatment to up to 30 men and women at a time for 30 days of residential treatment. It supports new and existing beneficiaries of our other projects, including victims of flesh trade and their children, people living with HIV/AIDS and slum dwellers, many of whom have addictions that we must address before we can provide our support. It specifically reaches out to those that others turn away and are left to roam the streets, with a view to reuniting them with their families or providing them with support to live independently.

How you can help


Spread the word and help us provide shelter, treatment and rehabilitation for addicts by donating today.


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