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"A world, in which children are deprived of respect and love, is not a world to look forward to living in. And I believe the change starts with us. I love working towards a better life for deprived children. I love CHILDLINE 1098"

mahesh suryavanshi


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Meet, Mahesh our Childline Project Co-ordinator.

He completed his school from his hometown Ashti, Beed and while completing his Masters in Social Work (MSW) he undertook a block placement in Snehalaya’s Childline. He enjoyed it so much that after graduating he joined the team as a volunteer. It had long been his dream to work for society and having specialised in Family and Child Welfare (FCW), he threw himself into his work and was soon rewarded with a promotion to paid team member then counsellor and finally Project Co-ordinator.

So far in his Childline career he has worked on around 350 cases, which can involve anything from trafficking to child labour and marriage. He actively and enthusiastically participates in every activity and event organized by Childline, including our Malala roadshows, anti-child labour rallies and outreach work. He particularly enjoys doing the night rounds which are unique to our organization.

He also strives hard to develop further links with other organizations and stakeholders in child safeguarding, be it at local, state or central government level, which is necessary in solving the many different cases the team is required to handle.

When asked about his motivation, he says: “Mala maanus jodaila awadte”, “I like to socialize and build strong relations with people that helps me to spread the connectivity and understand the needs of society”

Mahesh is very success-oriented and a self-confessed workaholic, with the personal aim of retaining our Childline’s reputation as the Number 1 team in India and a source of help for every child in need within our district.

Contact No: 9011026495

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