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"I owe the Snehankur team so much and am especially grateful that they have found my baby girl a loving family who will give her a good & secure life"



When Babaita’s family got into a land dispute with their distant relatives, it was the 13 year old who paid the price. Her family were very poor and uneducated and completely ill equipped to protect their little girl when their relatives kidnapped and repeatedly raped her in retaliation over the disagreement.


Having wreaked their revenge, the relatives sent Babita back to her family and as they tried to rebuild their shattered lives it was discovered that she was pregnant. It was then they sought our help, approaching our Snehankur team. Many think our adoption center only deals with placing babies in loving families but it is so much more. The team supported and counseled Babita and her family encouraging them to seek justice and launch a legal battle against the culprits. They also offered complete pre-natal support to Babita through her pregnancy and when, after giving birth to a baby girl, the traumatised girl shared her wish to relinquish her baby so she could return to her life and studies, we were there to help her through the legalities. We also helped re-enroll her in school and adjust back to life in her family where she was able to successfully complete her HSC.

We are pleased to report that the family won their legal battle and Babita received financial compensation under the Manodhrya scheme btu more importantly the culprits were sentenced to life imprisonment. She also learnt that her baby was adopted by a loving family

Although she will never forget her ordeal, having received justice and been given control of her life back, Babita has promised herself to focus on her future and never look back.

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